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December 2020 Issue (PDF 990KB)

Doing Business in the COVID Era: 10 Lessons Learned

Upcoming Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society

Winter Weather Safety Crossword and Building the Perfect Snowman

September 2020 Issue (PDF 1.6MB)

State of Climate in 2019

Top Foliage Destinations

Severe Weather Summary

Fall Weather Safety

How NOAA Weather Model can Help with Wildfires

June 2020 Issue (PDF 871KB)

Lighting Changes over New York City

Australian Wildfire Season

Active April Severe Weather

Heat Safety Best Practices

March 2020 Issue (PDF 1.7MB)

Parts of U.S. Springing into New Season

Impacts of Beach Pollution

Easter and Passover Dates

Sunniest U.S. Cities


December 2019 Issue (PDF 870KB)

What's new with winter weather forcasts?

How the weather affects holiday baking

Snowiest US Cities

From the President's Desk

September 2019 Issue (PDF 918KB)

What's the Forecast? Exploring

Fall Safety: Drought

From the President's Desk

June 2019 Issue (PDF 246KB)

NOAA Unveils Latest update to the U.S. Global Weather Forecast

Camping Safety Tips

Hurricane Safety

From the President's Desk

March 2019 Issue (PDF 1MB)

Latest and Greatest in NOAA Satellites

Spring Break Safety

Dr. Uccellini's WMO Candidacy

Tornado Preparedness

From the President's Desk


December 2018 Issue (PDF 10MB)

Satellite Data Helps Forecasters Issue Snow Squall Alerts

WEA Saves Lives

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter Weather Products

From the President's Desk

October 2018 Issue (PDF 1MB)

Data Sources and Forensic Meteorology

World Tsunami Awareness

Wildfire Safety Tips

The Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

From the President's Desk

July 2018 Issue (PDF 1MB)

Data Sources and Forensic Meteorology

First-ever Ashfall Advisory

Weather-Ready Nation: Summer Safety Edition

Hurricane Safety

Heat Advisory Threshold


April 2017 Issue (PDF 1MB)

March 2017 Climate Update

#SafePlaceSelfie Campaign



October 2016 Issue (PDF 1MB)

Citizen Weather Observer Program

Hurricane Matthew

Fall Weather Safety

April 2016 Issue (PDF 1MB)

New York State Mesonet


Hazardous Weather Preparedness


December 2015 Issue (PDF 1MB)

Winter 2015-2016 Outlook

Winter Driving

El Niño

May 2015 Issue (PDF 1MB)

Summer 2015 Outlook

Boat and Beach Safety

Rip Currents

February 2015 Issue (PDF 1MB)

January 2015 Highlights

Flood Safety

Looking Ahead to Spring


November 2014 Issue (PDF 1MB)

Hurrican Season 2014

NOAA's Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Program

Winter Weather Preparedness

stormy sky

hazardous winter driving

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National Weather Association
Weather Ready Nation Ambassador