Thankful for Thanksgiving

It seems so hard to believe, but today marks our fiftieth blog post!  We genuinely enjoy communicating with our readers each week.  In honor of thanksgiving and to celebrate this milestone, we thought it would be fun to reflect on all of the personal and professional blessings for which we are truly thankful.  We wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and happy celebrations with loved ones this week!

We are thankful for:

1. My husband, who always supports me in the crazy life that comes with entrepreneurship (Alicia)

2. My favorite adventure partner, my best friend, and my fiancé…couldn’t make it through this wild and wonderful life without his support (and also his amazing cooking skills 😆) (Kelly)

3. My kids- watching them grow and mature brings me joy! (Alicia)

4. My sweet family, who has always believed that I could make it to the moon if I wanted. I wouldn’t be where I am without them (Kelly)

5. The privilege to work with students in my classroom and get to know them as individuals (Alicia)

6. For every outstanding teacher I’ve had, starting back in kindergarten all the way through high school and into grad school (Kelly)

7. Sunny days in the middle of long winters (Alicia)

8. That there are so many good people in this beautiful world that we get to live in! (Kelly)

9. That I get to work at home on cold winter days (Alicia)

10. Early morning sunrises with a hot coffee (Kelly)

11. Good friends (Alicia)

12. The ability to work from home at a job I love (Kelly)

13. Valued clients who make what I do possible (Alicia)

14. Everyone who has served or is serving in the armed forces. Our lives would certainly look different without their protection. (Kelly)

15. That I have a job that I truly enjoy (Alicia)

16. Clean drinking water. It’s so easy to take basic necessities for granted (Kelly)

17. Great people who I work with! (Alicia)

18. The friends that took me on my first hike in 2014. Thanks to them we survived Mount Timpanogos, and I discovered an even greater love of the great outdoors! (Kelly)

19. My parents, who taught me that no goal is unreachable (Alicia)

20. All the sweet babies in my life, who are full of joy and laughter. There’s something so special about how they see the world. (Kelly)

21. Good coffee! (Alicia)

22. The freedom to vote. (Kelly)

23. Breakfast out with friends (Alicia)

24. The holidays! I love each and every holiday and season because each one brings new opportunities to gather with friends and family, decorate, and something new to look forward to! (Kelly)

25. That we have the essentials- food, a warm house, clothing (Alicia)

26. Teamwork! I love the camaraderie we have here at STM. (Kelly)

Kelly and Alicia after running the Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon

27. The mentorship of a great boss from whom I learned so much about forensic meteorology AND running a small business (Alicia)

28. Friends that you know will (and do!) show up for you whenever you need them (Kelly)

29. That I get to work with the best and the brightest student interns and learn from them too! (Alicia)

30. Watching and being a part of STM’s growth. So thankful to be a part of this company, and so excited to see where we will be in 1, 5, 10 years. (Kelly)

31. Interesting weather events which make what I do so much fun! (Alicia)

32. Car chargers for your phone…such lifesavers! (Kelly)

33. Fun summer trips to National Parks (Alicia)

Dark Hollow Falls, Shenandoah National Park.

34. Watching other people (even those you might not know that well, thanks to social media) work hard and achieve their goals. (Kelly)

35. Fall foliage, which was absolutely the BEST this year (Alicia)

36. Little “happies”…small things people do to let others know they care (Kelly)

37. That I live in a country where I enjoy freedoms that so many do not (Alicia)

38. The fact that it is so easy to take photographs these days. I’ll always be someone who suggests taking a picture because the ability to capture and look back on those memories is such a precious gift (Kelly)

39. That 100 years ago, women fought tooth and nail to ensure that I was able to walk into a voting booth a few weeks ago (Alicia)

40. My health, and the good doctors and nurses that truly care about their patients. (Kelly)

41. For the last few good books I read! (Alicia)

42. Watching snow blanket your yard and the quiet, peaceful stillness that comes with it. (Kelly)

43. That my home office where I spend so much time is a warm sunny spot (Alicia)

44. Long life chats (Kelly)

45. That my husband and I work in the same field and can ‘talk shop’ (Alicia)

46. Listening to a good thunderstorm roll through. (Kelly)

47. For volunteer opportunities that allow me to ‘pay it forward’ (Alicia)

48. Those wonderful souls who follow our Facebook and read our blogs and newsletters…we appreciate y’all so much! (Kelly)

49. Health. Mine, my family’s, I do not ever take it for granted. (Alicia)

50. Spontaneous adventures (Kelly)

Sunrise in Chautauqua Park.

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