Celebrating The Weather Blog’s 100th (Post)!

It is amazing to believe, but here we are: this week’s post marks the 100th time that Kelly and I have been fortunate enough to connect with our readers! I have to admit, I was filled with some trepidation as we began this journey not quite two years ago, wondering what on earth we might write about when we committed to blogging weekly. Worse yet, who would want to read it? To my surprise and delight, writers block has been a rare occurrence, and we enjoy and read all of the comments from our readers. I thought it would be fun to go back into the archives and reflect on how this space has grown and evolved since we posted our first entry back in December of 2018.

What is/are your favorite post(s) which you wrote? What is/are your favorite post(s) that you didn’t write?


This was a hard question, on both counts! I had to pick two for each of us since I just couldn’t decide. For Kelly, my favorites would have to be her profile of Ron Peters, a resident of Ellicott City, MD who invested time and money into his community to help prevent future flooding fatalities after the flood of 2016. I also really appreciated her recent review of the natural disasters of recent months and provided resources for people looking to help out. We are so aware that weather impacts people’s lives, and giving people ways to help those who are suffering has a way of bringing out the best in humanity.

As far as my own posts, I thoroughly enjoyed writing up the book review of Isaac’s Storm, by Erik Larsen. Not only was the book a great read, but I had never written a post like this one before- I had to dust off my skills in order to write up this review! My other favorite post has to be my profile of the Tuskegee Airmen and meteorologists. I learned so much through my research and writing of this post, and I was awe-inspired by how these men pushed through so many hardships to serve their country.

Ron Peters receives this Hometown Hero Award for his contributions to the installation of a network of monitoring cameras in Ellicott City, MD.


Hmmmm….this one is so hard. I always struggle to narrow down “favorites” of anything. I loved the Weather Quiz blog that Alicia wrote….I learned something new about crickets that week! Many of my favorites happen to be from our Third Thursday Interview Series, though I won’t list them all here. An honorable mention would have to be a blog from August 2019, highlighting how to bring NOAA into your classroom…which seems like it could be especially useful this year with virtual learning! I also loved our Thankful for Thanksgiving post last year, which happened to be our fiftieth blog post. In celebration, we shared 50 things we were thankful for. 🙂

What do you enjoy most about the blog?


I really like being able to talk conversationally about the weather with people- it is a topic that is relevant and important to everyone on some level. Weather is interesting, and I love explaining ‘how it works’ to people! Further, as a trained meteorologist, I recognize that the knowledge that I have can help people take appropriate precautions and actions, and maybe even save a life someday. I hope that our conversations and writings in this blog have helped our readers be informed and prepared for whatever weather may come their way.


I hinted at this in my first answer, but I do truly love our Third Thursday blog series! It has been so nice learning from and about others across the earth and atmospheric sciences. It’s truly been such a fun creative outlet as well, thinking of new topics and series ideas to share with you all. Lastly, I’ll echo Alicia’s sentiments, as I also hope that our writings can help people feel more informed and prepared in the face of hazardous weather. If there is ever a weather-related topic you’d like to know more about, please reach out and let us know!

What is the most challenging part about blogging?


Initially, I thought that finding something to write about would be the hardest part of this venture. Actually, it has been quite the opposite! I have a long list of ideas which I would love to share with our readers. Since we often reschedule non-time sensitive posts when there are current weather events to talk about, many of the posts I have on my list have remained there for ‘someday’! That is actually a great problem to have.


Hmmm….this is a tough one too! I would say I struggle the most with making sure that our posts are timely, relevant, and helpful to you, our readers. As we grow our readership, we strive to continue providing quality weather-related information that you find entertaining and educational. Though I think we are doing this well, it is certainly something that is always on my mind as we grow!

What are your goals for this space in the future?


I would like this blog to be a space for conversation and engagement with our readers on lots of weather-related topics. Kelly and I love feedback and are so passionate about using our knowledge to impact people. Whether that means talking to students, working with our clients, helping people know what to do to prepare themselves and their families for bad weather, or just answering questions, I truly hope that this blog provides one avenue for you to connect with us in a meaningful way!


I think Alicia said it perfectly, and I am so excited to watch this community grow as we continue on this blogging journey.

To our readers:

Thank you for taking the time each week to engage with us. We are grateful to have this space to engage with people and talk about what we do and why we love working in this field! If you have a weather question or topic, contact Kelly or I via our website, on Facebook, or on Linkedin, and we will be sure to get back to you. Maybe you’ll even see your question answered on a future post!

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