5 Things to Remember When the Power Goes Out

Hello, and welcome to week two of our hurricane blog series! Extreme weather (such as hurricanes ) and power outages often seem to go hand in hand. Power outages can have wide-ranging impacts, such as the disruption of communications, the closure of businesses and ATMs/banks, food spoilage and water contamination, and can prevent the use of medical devices. Knowing exactly what to do when a power outage occurs – whatever the reason – can minimize your risk of injury or illness when the lights go out.

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North Atlantic Hurricane Season: Historical Stats and Seasonal Outlook

This week, we are kicking off a four-part series as we approach the start of hurricane season in the Atlantic on June 1. Today, we will be looking at the ‘big picture’, what a ‘typical’ hurricane season looks like, and what the seasonal forecast is for this coming season, which runs from June through November.

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James Spann on Meteorology, Mental Health, and Giving Back

Friendly. Humble. Hard-working. Dedicated. These are just a few words to describe James Spann, whom I recently had the privilege of speaking with. If you aren’t from the South or in the field of meteorology, you might not be familiar with the local favorite, but I can guarantee that anyone, from anywhere would enjoy sitting down and talking with him. James, the Chief Meteorologist for ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, Alabama, has a gentle, easy-going way of talking, while also having the ability to get right to the point – a skill that no doubt has come in handy (and been sharpened by) through years of television and radio broadcasts.

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Earth Day 2021

This April 22 marks the 51st annual Earth Day. I remember as a kid in elementary school that we would do activities such as planting trees and flowers, learning about how to reduce waste (although recycling wasn’t common back then), and (gasp!) watching filmstrips about environmental impacts in far-flung places around the world- who remembers being the lucky kid who got to advance the film at each bell ring? This year for Earth Day, I thought it would be fun to look at activities that are going on to raise awareness about sustainable living, decreasing carbon dioxide output, and other climate and environmental issues.

Acadia National Park
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Safe Place Selfie Day: A Recap

If you follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn, you might have noticed that we shared a selfie last week with the caption #SafePlaceSelfie. We hope that if you follow us on those social media platforms, you caught the message and that this will serve as a great recap for you. However, if you aren’t on social media very often and missed it, this post is especially for you!

This photo was actually captured in pre-pandemic days, when we both still worked and lived in the same state!
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The Great London Smog of 1952

I have to admit, I had never heard of ‘The Great London Smog’ event until I watched The Crown on Netflix, and an entire episode was dedicated to this event (It’s Season 1, Episode 4, if anyone is interested). The episode was well-done, and dove into some of the politics surrounding the event and also told some harrowing personal stories. As a meteorologist and a reader of history, I was interested to learn more about how this event unfolded.

Getty Images
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Easter Weather is Like a Box of Chocolates

…or maybe like an egg you grab on an egg hunt; you never know what you’re going to get! This partially has to do with the date which Easter falls, which can range from March 22 through April 25, which makes the climatology of the holiday a bit different than holidays with fixed dates. However, the fact that these “shoulder” months are prime for a multitude of different weather types also increases the uncertainty of the weather.

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2021 GOES-16/17 Virtual Science Fair/Spring Equinox

Today’s blog post features a great opportunity for students from middle-school through early college!

I found myself browing through interesting satellite imagery while brainstorming ideas for this blog post, and I came across an opportunity which parents and teachers may want to share with their children/students. I think we can all concur that learning this school year has been anything but normal, and with that has come positive and negative outcomes. One of the positive results of so much virtual time is the number of online opportunities which students from all across the country can take part in- something that may not have been possible only a year ago. Today I would like to share with you one of those: a virtual science fair.

Raising kids to love (or at least learn!) science from an early age!
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Investing in future scientists: Daphne LaDue

During women’s history month, it is a great time to reflect back and think about the many people who have influenced me and shaped my path over the years. One of those individuals is Dr. Daphne LaDue, so I was thrilled to see that she was a recipient of this year’s American Meteorological Society Robert H. and Joanne Simpson Mentorship Award. Daphne is a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Oklahoma (OU)and the Director of the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program at OU. Daphne’s investment in young scientists through the REU program has provided the opportunity for so many students to learn alongside scientists, and I am sure I am one of so many who can say that the REU experience was one of the formative experiences of my college years. I hope you enjoy learning about Daphne as much as I enjoyed catching up with her prior to writing this blog!

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