Book Review: The Weather Detective by Peter Wohlleben

I like to think I inherited my love of gardening from my grandmother, who had the most beautiful vegetable garden. I always loved talking with her about our gardens, and whenever I would visit she always had a clipping of a plant or fresh vegetables for me to take home.

It is around this time each year that I start thinking and planning for my garden. The days are getting lighter and brighter each day, and I am all but over the cold weather and snow. I enjoy getting out in my garden so much. I like watching how things change from year to year and reviewing my journals from years past to how various seeds and plants I’ve tried, have worked out. The fun thing about gardening is that there is always some element of surprise…both good and bad. I recently read The Weather Detective, and this book is a must-read for any gardener, no matter your level of expertise.

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Winter’s Wrath, from the West Coast to the East

The past week has brought extreme winter weather across the United States, from the West Coast to the East. Though all eyes have seemingly been on Texas (and for good reason, we will focus on the Lonestar State later in this blog), we also want to highlight some of the other regions of the country that have been struggling through the cold, wintry not-so-wonderland weather this week.

A large tree limb is tangled in a power line, in the Portland, Oregon metro area, Feb. 16, 2021. 
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It’s about Community: Meteorologist Janice Huff

I was honored to have an opportunity recently to speak with Janice Huff, chief meteorologist for NBC4 New York. Janice graduated from Florida State University with her bachelor’s degree in meteorology, and from there entered a career in broadcast meteorology. She has been with NBC New York for more than 25 years, and was inducted as a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society in 2020.
While an impressive career and honors by peers and colleagues certainly sets Janice apart, what really drew me to her was her passion- passion for science, passion for her community, and passion for reaching the next generation of scientists.

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Overcast, with a 20% Chance of Gloom

We are in the dead of winter, with the holidays behind us and summer seeming so far away. The days are shorter and (for some) cloudier…and are they affecting our moods as well? Some love this type of year, for the time when we are finally able to slow down and rest, to renew our spirits. On the other hand, many struggle with the extended cold and darkness.

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Archie Williams had Talent: A Story of Greatness

Black History Month began February 1, and we plan to celebrate by dedicating some of our blogs to learning about black Americans in weather. To kick the month off, we are talking about Archie Williams…and not the Archie Williams some of you might know from the televised talent show, “America’s Got Talent”….though Archie had a LOT of talent.

Photo courtesy: Air Force
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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…snowflake?

In this day and age, it seems as though there are statistics, records, and rankings for everything. Top ten most expensive plants? Check. Ten most poisonous animals in the world? There’s a list for that (hint: be very careful swimming in the ocean waters of northern Australia). Here is another record which you may not be aware of: on this date (January 28) in 1887, the world’s largest snowflake is said to have fallen on the Fort Keogh Army Post in Montana. How did this record-breaking event come to be recorded, and why has the record not been broken? Let’s take a closer look.

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What is Graupel? A Refresher on Wintry Precipitation

On more than one occasion last fall, my husband and I watched players and sports reporters alike grappling with the precipitation that was occurring before or during the Cleveland Browns football game. The FirstEnergy Stadium, home of the Browns, is located on the southern shore of Lake Erie and is no stranger to wild weather. News reporters struggled to identify the precipitation type…sleet? Snow? Freezing rain? Hail? All good guesses, but the correct answer was actually graupel…which many meteorologists on Twitter were quick to point out.

Fans during the November 1, 2020 game against the Las Vegas Raiders. Photo Courtesy Brent Durken/Cleveland Browns.
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Looking forward to 2021: Goals and Plans

I don’t know about you, but I always take some time to look backward and forward at the end of a calendar year. It is always interesting to see the twists and turns that happened during the previous year, and to take those lessons learned and apply them to the next year. After last week’s post which reflected back on 2020, I thought it would be neat to share how I take all of that and look forward into 2021.

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2020: Reflections on a year like no other

Thursday, December 31, 2020.

We have posted our weekly blog nearly every Thursday for the last two years.

This Thursday post feels different in so many ways. While I often take time to reflect at the end of a calendar year, this one has stopped me in my tracks. I cannot help but look back on this year and think how absolutely different it ended up turning out than what I had hoped or planned. Like countless other people, Kelly and I both have experienced direct impacts of COVID-19, ranging from minor disappointments to shattering losses. It has been a year of grief but also a year of growth. I think in terms of key words and key points and that has been so helpful as I think through all of the personal and professional upheaval which this year as brought. Here are the words that have come to my mind:

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