Ask Me Anything: Weather for Students

Hi guys! Welcome to our first Ask Me Anything, where we reached out to students of all ages to ask what their biggest questions about the weather were. We received some great questions, and we are so excited to answer them here!

Please feel free to ask questions at any time by filling out our question form, and we will be sure to answer them at a future AMA event!

“Where does the rain come from?”Parker, Pre-K

The Water Cycle for Schools and Kids

“What is the dew point?” – Sandy, adult learner

“How do you even predict the weather?”Claire, 2nd grade

“What are high and low pressure systems, and how do they affect the human body?” – S., Adult

How can I help my child be less afraid of the weather?” Emily, parent

Why does it snow in the spring?” – Claire, 2nd grade

“Why do some places get hit with tornadoes over and over again?” Brayden, 4th grade

How do hurricanes get their names?” – Sandy, adult

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