Let’s Beat the Heat: Five Ways to Keep Cool

We are just over a week into July, and there have already been multiple noteworthy heat waves this year. From the West Coast to the Plains, records have been shattered, and summer is just getting started! And even on days when records aren’t being broken, summer’s heat can be brutal. Today, let’s talk about some ways to keep cool when the temperatures seem unbearable!

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5 Ways to Stay Safe Outdoors this Summer

As we come up on this week’s blog, my kids are counting down to the final end of the school year (and what a year it has been!).  Much of the country has already dismissed schools for the summer, and we in the Northeast are the final holdouts—or so it seemed to me when I was a kid!  With restrictions loosening up around the country, many of us will be travelling more this summer, as well as spending more time outdoors.  Now is a great time to review summer weather safety basics.  Here are five simple things you can do to make sure you safely enjoy outdoor activities- no matter what the weather!

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Ways to Receive Weather Information

If you subscribe to our newsletter or blog, or follow us on social media, you know that we are always talking about weather safety. We recently posted that it is very important to have not just one, but more than one way to receive your weather information. Why? Because during hazardous weather and other emergencies, your usual way of getting important information may or may not be functional. In today’s blog, we will discuss ways you can receive National Weather Service warnings in a timely manner.

Warning, Shield, Risk, Attention, Street Sign
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5 Things to Remember When the Power Goes Out

Hello, and welcome to week two of our hurricane blog series! Extreme weather (such as hurricanes ) and power outages often seem to go hand in hand. Power outages can have wide-ranging impacts, such as the disruption of communications, the closure of businesses and ATMs/banks, food spoilage and water contamination, and can prevent the use of medical devices. Knowing exactly what to do when a power outage occurs – whatever the reason – can minimize your risk of injury or illness when the lights go out.

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Safe Place Selfie Day: A Recap

If you follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn, you might have noticed that we shared a selfie last week with the caption #SafePlaceSelfie. We hope that if you follow us on those social media platforms, you caught the message and that this will serve as a great recap for you. However, if you aren’t on social media very often and missed it, this post is especially for you!

This photo was actually captured in pre-pandemic days, when we both still worked and lived in the same state!
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What’s in your Hazardous Weather Emergency Kit?

Imagine I’m Jennifer Garner…but instead of asking “What’s in your wallet?”, I’m asking “What’s in your emergency kit?” As a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, we at STM are dedicated to improving our communities’ readiness, responsiveness, and overall resilience against extreme weather, water, and climate events. Furthermore, we also believe that small actions can have big impacts, and creating and storing an emergency kit in advance of a disaster can save time, prevent confusion, and ultimately prevent injuries or death when inclement weather strikes.

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Weather Safety and Preparedness for Kids

After Kelly’s great blog about mental health and tropical cyclones, I thought it would be great to piggy back off this idea and discuss how to deal with anxiety and worries which kids may have about hazardous weather. Extreme, or even just abnormal, weather can be a cause of anxiety in kids of all ages. Children are often fearful of the unknown, and having questions about weather phenomena, particularly those which seem scary due to seeing footage on television or hearing parents talk, can be particularly unnerving. As Kelly discussed in our ‘Ask Me Anything: Weather Edition‘ event which we held a few months ago, we firmly believe that talking to children at an age-appropriate level about weather and teaching them how to prepare and be safe during hazardous weather can go a long way toward helping reassure children and ease some of that ‘fear of the unknown’. Let’s dig a little deeper and talk about some ways that parents, teachers, and other authority figures can help empower children to be less fearful and more prepared.

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Summertime Safety

Hey y’all, happy Thursday! Tomorrow is the first day of May, and although summer doesn’t technically begin until June 20, it already feels like summer in my soul – and my backyard (hello Alabama warmth, I’ve missed you!) As we embark on the warmest time of year, I thought it might be a good time to refresh ourselves on summer safety tips as we plan for those backyard barbecues, beach and lake days, and more time spent outdoors in general!

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Preparedness in Times of Uncertainty

What a week it has been! At this time last week, I was driving down to Rockland County, New York on the first absolutely beautiful spring day we’ve had, expecting to appear at a trial later that day. My student intern and I were having a great conversation, and the drive was smooth and uneventful. As events turned out, I found myself (and my intern) driving back down to Rockland County on Wednesday. By the time we were on our way home, life as we knew it was quickly beginning to unravel. Her college made the move to online classes for the remainder of the semester, and in the coming days everything else quickly followed with closures and cancellations coming too fast to keep up with.

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