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Dick Westergard, CCM, President

Shade Tree Meteorology, LLC
2766 Rosendale Road
Niskayuna, NY 12309

Fax: 518.374.7743
Toll Free Telephone: 888.580.0747

A team lead by a Certified Consulting Meteorologist with over five decades of combined operational and research experience, plus a well equipped high tech office, equals exceptionally detailed and accurate forensic weather reports.


Text from client: "We won!  The jury loved you!"

Comment from opposing attorney after mid-trial settlement: "You had convinced the jury."

"Dick is prompt, thorough, courteous, reasonably priced, and objective. If you have any question about the weather and its effects on your case, you cannot do better than to engage his services."


A full service Forensic Meteorology Firm Specializing in Severe Weather Event Reconstruction

Extensive experience issuing forecasts and radar based severe weather warnings translates into exceptional skill at reconstructing weather events as an expert weather witness. In particular clear, plain English (but scientifically sound) explanations of what happened when, where and why in thunderstorm events, flooding events and winter storm events have proven extremely useful to clients in pretrial and courtroom testimony.

Four decades of experience as an operational weather observer and forecaster

  • Training and experience on every weather radar system ever used operationally by the U.S. government.
  • Managed weather warning programs at three National Weather Service offices, serving parts of 9 states from 1983 to 2004.
  • Three decades of experience in storm damage assessment.
  • Three decades of public speaking and report writing on the topic of weather.

Over a Decade of experience as a researcher and teacher in the field of Meteorology

  • Cutting edge research supporting operational forecasting and warning operations.
  • Teaching meteorology to all levels of students from beginning to advanced.
  • Proven talent at explaining meteorology clearly to every audience.